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As a homeowner, keeping your basement dry is important to avoid structural damage to foundation walls, mold, decay, and other issues. Doctor Dry is the best basement leak repair company in Halifax with over 40 years of experience turning leaky basements into livable, healthy spaces.



Moisture is the most common problem in basements – either entering from outside sources or being produced inside by the occupant’s activities.

Water can also be pulled up by a “wicking action” or pushed up” by hydrostatic pressure from the soil under the walls or floor. In the summer, warm moist air from outside can enter the house and lead to condensation on the cool basement walls or floors.

The Soil

The soil around the walls can contain a large amount of moisture from surface water that is seeping down or from a high water table. Water can find its way inside by gravity or through a crack or flaw in the water protection layer of the foundation.

Causes of Basement Leaks

  • A leak in your home’s foundation, basement walls, window or door 
  • Standing water 
  • Poor lot drainage
  • Failure of the weeping tile system (foundation drains)
  • Overflowing eaves troughs (gutters)
  • Leaking/plugged downspouts
  • A blocked connection between your home and the sewage system
  • A back-up of wastewater in the sewer system
  • Failure of a sump pump (in some areas) used

Wet basement issues often include:

  • Foundation cracks that leak 
  • Standing water 
  • Efflorescence (white, chalky stains)
  • wet decaying wood in contact with concrete
  • damp or moldy walls or floor
  • condensation on windows, pipes & other fixtures
  • wet insulation
  • moisture damaged finishes
  • musty or damp carpets
  • high humidity
  • stuffy, damp smells

Lifetime Warranty

While we do it right the first time, our work comes with a lifetime warranty that is transferrable – so you can rest assured that your home is in good hands with Doctor Dry.

Basement Leak Repair in Halifax 

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Our wet basement professionals will asses the best method to getting your wet or leaky basement fixed.


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